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Welcome to the website of Ferry Molenaar B.V.

Ferry Molenaar B.V. is specialized in repairing small to large glass and covering the glass back to the venting window. All maintenance will be performed by us quickly and professionally.

An overview of our work:
  • Renew or repair of the venting mechanism.
  • Remove or insert facades.
  • Pvc work such as rain pipes, etc.
  • We can build complete greenhouses.
  • We use new or used materials.
  • We can place sandwich facades and kink decks.
  • Aluminum welding.
  • Create and place aluminum doors. Monorails, carts, tables, etc.
  • Electrical headrail for new and existing doors.
  • Canteen building from stone or sandwich.
  • Overhead doors delivered with assembly and maintenance.
  • Demolition including delivery.
We can supply all kind of materials, also complete greenhouses.